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The best person is like water.
Water is good; it benefits all things and does not compete with them.
It dwells in low places that all disdain
This is why it is so near to tao.
The best person in your dwelling loves the earth.
In your heart, you love what is profound,
in your associations, you love humanity, in your words, you love faithfulness.
In govenrment, you love order, in handling of affairs, you love competence. In your activities, you love timeliness. It is because you do not compete that you are above reproach.

The Value of the 12 Branches to You

You are committed to live your life in the best possible way. You recognize the duality of being in and of human reality. You are capable in the skills of creating your own form and function in tune with your purpose.

The I Ching can also be engaged from primarily a spiritual point of view.

The Tao analyzes relationships and energy configurations individually and with groups.

By taking into account both the subjective and objective dimensions of the hexagram structures, it’s extraordinary subtle and complex wisdom is revealed.

How the Twelve Branches Come Into Being

The response to the inquiry you make will reveal the relationships between interpersonal and intrapersonal forces, at the crucial point on which the Tao or inner design is the focus.

Through the process of methodical changing of its lines,
Beginning with the bottom first line
And moving upward to the sixth and top most line,
One is able to draft a complete cyclic evolution of realizing your inquiry.

Depicted graphically, the orderly, step by step, transformations of a hexagram comes back to itself.

This process of cyclic evolution is completed in twelve stages.

This structure is a blueprint of the I Chings wisdom that guides one’s thinking, planning and actions in order to come to the realization of your intention in its most appropriate form.

The 12 Earthly Branches is a most effective form to realize a goal.

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Dale Bruder, as a Zen Taoist, presents the I Ching to guide in the conduct of matters and affairs. He uses the Book of Changes commentary by Thomas Cleary's translations along with those of Khigh Dhiegh and Guy Damian Knight. In the Three Currents inquiry and the Twelve Earthly Branches methods for short and long term perspectives. The I Ching is integrated in his executive coaching and business coaching practice, noting "The messages from the Tao consistently hit the bulls eye. The I Ching is a timeless knowledge generating engine."







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