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The Art of Tao Time



Transformative Tao

Begins on the New Moon

contact the TaoTime Master for location and time.

Begin a personal conversation with the I Ching oracle on this day before the New Moon. Continue your conversation for 72 Days in a Transformative Tao experience. Transformative Tao Sojourn $90

520-331-1956 or email to Begin Your Transformative Tao Inquiry

When you can discern changes, the I Ching becomes available to you.

Transformative Tao Seventy-Two Days

Three Currents Inquiry - A three hour inquiry and consultation that takes Eighteen days to play out

What Time is It For Me? A one hour inquiry and consultation that calls you to live the answer for Six days

Tao Time Book of Days A daily journal beginning on January 25, 2020 continuing through the year

Tao Time IChing Texts

The 64 Hexagrams Worksheets & Articles in reproducible form $10


Topical Papers
Composing an Inquiry of the Oracle
Reading & Interpreting I Ching Answers
A Summary of Taoism


Tao Time

The ecstasy of timelessness as Begetting, Becoming, Begoning is embodied in Tao Time.

Formulated 3,500 years ago in 64 interactive social and cultural messages about human and social interactions,

The IChing adapts and flexes shape in processes and procedures to navigate the means and matters that flow.

Through observation, detail and predication the IChing channels timeless energies. Following the forms of evolving and devolving leads to an ideal state of being. This is Tao

Transformative Tao is one of those instruments. The 72 day sojourn between two and a half lunar cycles builds and releases energy creating momentum in realizing the appropriate manifestation of an inquiry made of the oracle.

Transformative Tao is a 14 part seminar on understanding and applying intentionally called actions.

Through a methodological use of the IChing, or the Book of Changes,one can access and apply the wisdom in current times.

Applying the wisdom of the Tao, or the Way, always brings you exactly what you need when you need it to stay successful no matter the circumstances. Everything is useful in the Tao.

The Oracle is the I Ching, a construction of eight trigrams that form a combination of sixty four hexagrams that describes humans social and cultural activities.



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The Three Currents

The triad can be said as idea, design, and product; beginning, middle, end; cardinal, fixed, mutable and be, do, and have.

Begetting, becoming and begoning interpretation of an I Ching inquiry is what I call the three currents. Every project, procedure, enterprise and endeavor contains these elements.

Four hour workshop. Requires 30 day advance scheduling. Stipend and room costs.

What Time Is It?

Project Time is a realistic way to approach the resource of time. Knowing where you are in the moment and the immediate future can benefit your performance and professional reputation greatly. Two hour workshop. $25 per person.

The Triad of Business Success and the Six Enterprise Phases

Lao Tzu and Sun Tzu and Chu Hsi know about being wise about what you are up to. A six hour internal enterprise workshop for executives and managers to get back on track. Identify group and individual Enterprise Phase and Momentum, prepare tactical moves. Requires a 45 day lead time to conduct an internal assessment and one day off-site workshop. Professional fee, stipend plus off-site costs.

The Seven Thriving Skills of an Entrepreneurial Warrior

The skills and ways of being an Enterprise Warrior needed to be successful in today's global market. Ondividual and group training. Professional fee, stipend plus off-site costs.

Executive Team Refresher

A twelve week, six session program that energizes the executive team for the current demands and the coming challenges of your enterprise. Professional fee, off-site costs.


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Sojourn Currents of the Occurring Worlds

Dale Bruder is a life student of the Tao through the I Ching. Since 1976 he has been applying the I Ching to his self the way psychoanalysts and Zen teachers apply psychoanalysis or Zen to themselves before presenting to others.


His studies of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian  I Ching texts towards  mastery of the 'hall of mirrors at the end of a giant kaleidoscope'  continues today. His intellectual journey is to match the complexity of ordinary real life with total coherence of the three views of Chinese thought.


Life is cyclical and sequential; a series of events and episodes that advances or reverses goals and aspirations.


Making use of and learning from the experience is a key component of a well lived life. Using the Tao Time path changes the social, cultural, technological and economic push/pulls into a flow that is navigable.


Dale Bruder, a business intelligence consultant, invites you to play the infinite game.

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