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The Yin Water Rabbit Tao Time Book of Days beginning January 21st, 2023

is available now through February 15th

Go here to order your Tao Time Book of Days. Enjoy being guided by the I Ching Oracle for the next twelve months.

Access the Spiritual Alchemy of the I Ching in the 12 Branches over a 2 1/2 moon journey through 12 hexagrams to manifest your realization.

Every Transformative Tao Begins on the New Moon

contact the TaoTime Master on the full moon before to register and prepare for the shojourney

Begin a personal conversation with the I Ching oracle on this day before the New Moon. Continue your conversation for 72 Days in a Transformative Tao experience. Transformative Tao Sojourn $90

520-331-1956 or email to Begin Your Transformative Tao Inquiry

When you can discern changes, the I Ching becomes available to you.

Transformative Tao Seventy-Two Days

Three Currents Inquiry - A three hour inquiry and consultation that takes Eighteen days to play out

What Time is It For Me? A one hour inquiry and consultation that calls you to live the answer for Six days

Tao Time Book of Days A daily journal beginning on January 21, 2023 continuing through the year

Tao Time IChing Texts

The 64 Hexagrams Worksheets & Articles in reproducible form $35


Topical Papers




Make Your Own Luck

in the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

Transformative Tao

The New Moon Begins with an Inquiry of the Oracle, setting off on a Zen Shojourn

A 14 part Seminar over 72 Days

Registration Opens 14 to 18 Days Before the New Moon for the Zen Shojourn beginning on the New Moon

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Returning Transformative Zen Sojourners



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14 to 18 days before the New Moon

We begin with a cup of tea and a conversation about the I Ching as guide and teacher.

In the conversation an inquiry is contemplating and composed as an inquiry of the I Ching Oracle. Using three coins, cast them six times, noting how they fell each time. The Oracle responds showing a pathway. Next, enter the path of a 72 day zen shojourn



The Tao Time Master







Communication Links Voice/Text 520.331.1956


Sojourn Currents of the Occurring Worlds

Dale Bruder is a life student of the Tao through the I Ching. Since 1976 he has been applying the I Ching to his self the way psychoanalysts and Zen teachers apply psychoanalysis or Zen to themselves before presenting to others.


His studies of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian  I Ching texts towards  mastery of the 'hall of mirrors at the end of a giant kaleidoscope'  continues today. His intellectual journey is to match the complexity of ordinary real life with total coherence of the three views of Chinese thought.


Life is cyclical and sequential; a series of events and episodes that advances or reverses goals and aspirations.


Making use of and learning from the experience is a key component of a well lived life. Using the Tao Time path changes the social, cultural, technological and economic push/pulls into a flow that is navigable.


Dale Bruder, a business intelligence consultant, invites you to play the infinite game.

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Transformative Tao Sojourns

First Moon

Second Moon

Third Moon

Fourth Moon

Fifth Moon

Sixth Moon

Seventh Moon

Eighth Moon

Ninth Moon

Tenth Moon

Eleventh Moon

Twelfth Moon

The path follows two and a half lunar cycles beginning at a New Moon and completing on the third Full Moon. Fourteen touchstones and lessons are available throughout your journey.


Transformative Nature of Transformative Tao

Taoism is difficult to define. It is the object of its own attention, the means and matters, a manner of expression that varies vastly. There is no conceptual framework encompassing all the manifestations of Taoism's thought and action.

The unity is internal; a means of holding the external occurring world as material. According to Huainanzi, the Tao is that by virtue of which the mountains are high, the oceans deep, by virtue of which animals run, birds fly, the sun and moon are bright. Thomas Clearly interprets this to say Tao is the general and specific law of the universe. Everything has it's Tao, and every Tao is a reflection of the Great Tao, the universal Tao that underlies all things.

Transformative Tao encapsulates a Zen Taoism through a process of following an inquiry. The mechanism that fires a Transformative Tao experience is an I Ching hexagram response to a specific inquiry.

The Transformative Tao use of the I Ching is the gradual enlightenment understanding of the text as a representation of the total process of a structured praxis. The means and matters, habits and happenstance, encounters and manifestations of the external world are held as material expressions of becoming enlightened.

Transformative Tao Mandala

Transformative Tao uses one of the most distinguished contributions of esoteric Taoism to I Ching learning; I Ching mandala's. A Transformative Tao mandala is pictured below.

Transformative Tao carries on the diagrams and arcana attributed to Taoist fangshi of the Han dynasty (206BC-219CE) that became public during the Song dynasty (960-1278CE).

The mandala's contain both the practical meditative lore behind the I Ching and structured programs for reading the text.

Transformative Tao is an open channel to, in Taoist lore; mystic luxuriant gardens with vast skies above. One sojourns their world within worlds in a Zen Shojo, The transformative nature is becoming free of suffering, chaos and absurdity while moving through the occurring world. Living becomes instinctual and intuitive, creativity flows, time loses it's meaning, the ten thousand things appear and drop away in the nature of the time one is in. That's Transformative.


Seminar Material


Participants receive a Twelve Branches Workbook specific to the hexagram image to be used throughout the time period between three moons of the Chinese lunar year. An email lesson arrives at every branch detailing the 14 part seminar . Monday and Wednesday Tao Times are open throughout the length of the process. Participants refer to the I Ching text of their choice

Example of a Transformative Tao mandala branches in their order.

Example of a Branch. each branch covers six days, includes an area to cast a personal hexagram for the period, detail a plan to accomplish, note at each line/day the essence of your experience and two blocks to note the unexpected and a summary comment

Be in a time of blossoming