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Dale Bruder is a freelance writer interested in creative people, social and cultural movements and applications of ancient esoteric knowledge

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In 2012 I returned to magazine article writing. This writing phase begins with Tucson Natural Awakening Magazine. My byline is on twenty one articles and I authored five newsbriefs.

These days I have realized a friendlier voice in this phase of writing. These days I write informative, insightful and entertaining pieces. I want my readers to know and understand what is available, how is it possible and where they can experience.

I wrote articles and opinions City Magazine (Edited & Published by Chuck Bowden and Dick Vonier), for Inside Tucson Business when Sheila Storm served as editor in the mid 90's. When first finding my Tucson footing in the very early 80's I wrote for a pre-Tucson Weekly publication Tucson Examiner. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin I published regularly in CitySide between 1977 and 1980. My journalism in those days ranged from feature articles on artists, editorials, regional informative to investigative/researched cover stories. I first dipped into writing in the early 70's when I found a friendly editor for weekly small town newspaper The Oceana County News in Whitehall, Michigan.

I have two wordpress blogs, Coach Bruder and Tao Time as well as publish two newsletters periodically on both topics. See Newsletter Archives for a collection. Subscriptions are available at no cost at my website .