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30/20 Vitalizing Your Enterprise

Every Tuesday and Thursday Vitalizing Your Enterprise is available to you. In a 30 minute session we apply strategic and tactical approaches to your enterprise chalenges. You return to your business vitalized and engaged. Cost is $20, including a 15 minute follow up in two weeks.


Savaya Coffee Market 5350 E Broadway, Williams Center

8:30 -11:00am Text 331-1956 to reserve Your Session 


        Eye on the Sky, Ear to the Ground

           Business Executive Coaching

Every Entrepreneur and Enterpriser can use some time on the mountain looking down at the valley of their business of business.


The opportunity is here. Dale Bruder guides you on a journey of intelligence gathering, analysis and strategic thinking about your business. Three assessments are used to reveal and pinpoint what you know, don't know and don't know you don't know.


Three hours in two meetings provide a refreshing look at your enterprise. First meeting we look at what's so. The second meeting we look at where revenues and profit can be leveraged.


Your WIIFM is a living document and a new clarity. Cost $300. Call or Text 331-1956 to schedule a session. A Vitalize Your Enterprise session can start the process.  



The Zen of Knowledge Generating Vehicles

We stand in the enduring fire where the will, resources and energy to reach any horizon can be accessed. The spark is the poweful Triad of Business Success conversation. The fuel is your current and future sequence of the Six Enterprise Phases.


The zen of it is process that identifies, filters and designs a vehicle to drive the action. Results include new business models, project plans, product lines or revenue generators. Through a combination of internal and external guided disciplines approaches are tracked in scenerios, on the workbench and in pro formas. Inquiries are researched, dynamic formula excel pages developed and strategies played out. This action is managed as a decathon; multiple tasks phased over several stages. The time comes, when the model proves itself, Next is sprint for market presence. 


Build a Knowledge Generating Vehicle that drives your success strategy.  


Your enterprise is dynamic; going through phases, constantly challenged by the financial, regulatory, technological, mechanical, cultural, social and political push/pull forces that throws every effort into the global market.


Engage Dale Bruder's attention to guide you in leveraging your strengths in the challenging dynamic of our times.

Fourth Quarter Update

A selection of analysis tools to filter your current enterprise condition through:


PEST Exercise

SWOT Exercise

Business Strategy

Enterprise Focus

Strategic Planning

Situational Analysis

Operations Manual

In-service trainings, keynotes, seminars & presentations

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The Dynamic Strategist

Dale Bruder brings decades of experience and knowledge to every business conversation.



  • Design Drafting & Bureacratic Expediting 1980-95
  • Adjunct faculty at PCC 1987-93
  • Video Production Services 1985-95
  • Business & Executive Coaching 1996-Present

Major Production Projects

  • 1987 Online debate on the Pima county Comprehensive Plan
  • Sonoran Desert Ecology Documentary
  • 1992 Arizona Animation Showcase