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Being Smart About It

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   The marathon of confronting multiple business challenges all the time is wearing down enterprisers. Like navigating potholes in our streets, we're addressing only the challenges that are coming at us. In planning, the driving questions have changed from 'How long will it take?' to 'How much time do I have?'


Everyone who is operating or has started a business in the last three

years recognizes marathoning. It's exhausting and not fun anymore.


Be At the Table, Not On the Menu

Your enterprise is dynamic; going through phases, constantly challenged by the financial, regulatory, technological, mechanical, cultural, social and political push/pull forces that throws every effort into the global market.


The flood of accidental entrepreneurs that appeared a few years ago is a trickle. On-going businesses are diversifying into unrelated fields. Others are merging. A few are doing spin-offs. Owners are having difficulty finding buyers for their business. Streets are pocketed with empty storefronts. Initiate the action you want before the market makes the decision for you.


Every business operates on an internal clock. Enterprisers waking up to the alarm to be smart about it are taking steps. What time is it for you?

Chose the Right Action Initiative

The first order of business is stop running the marathon. Come back to it when there's an enterprise initiative juicy enough for it. That's what marathons are good for.


Next is get up to date on the business of the business. The column to the right is an overview of components. Take-aways include a dynamic pro forma of your business financials, scenerio building tools and renewed perspective.


Weigh the range of transitions, expansions and contractions that appear. Possibly, a sprint or high jump of offers, follow throughs or other actions may be immediately available. A specific business approach is identified. Next is stage a business initiative decathlon. 


   Build Business Muscle

The complexity and duration of enterprising an ongoing business is well suited for a decathlon; enterprisers growing business muscle, increasing flexibility and adaptability. For most the key is sales and service. Action plans, for procedurals, like expanding licensing or technical, automation, competitive intelligence or entering international markets, yields ROI by exploring and developing new revenue streams. 


All business initiaitves can be effectively action planned. To ramp up on the four types of action go to the Action Management section of my website.

Be Coached to Win

As the coach of a decathlon, my role includes keeping the process moving and providing management adivce on transitioning from one to the next. I coach sprints, high jumps and marathons too.


Internal resources are applied to early milestones. In the case of most small enterprises this includes establishing a revenue channel that determines the next levels of intensity. Risk is considered and targets are adjusted to reflect market interest. 


Whether the decathlon is focused on new market penetration or expansion in existing markets, the coaching concentrates on leveraging existing strengths and identifying future opportunities.


Sequence to Success

Sequencing the initiaitve through stages is the best use of my coaching style. Having spent many years planning and expediting processes and procedures through government bureacracies I'm clear on the importance of resource management.


Mobilizing for action is built on the prerequisites. The coaching is alert to pessimism, anger and fatigue that occurs in every expidition into new territory. As your coach I keep the corporate memory alive, identify and celebrate successes and am continually alert to what is appearing on the horizon.

Call to Action

Bring Coach Dale Bruder to your company conference table for a brain storming session on a transition, expansion or contraction you are considering. All shared information is confidential. Call Coach Bruder at 520-331-1956 to start.


The Zen of Knowledge Generating Vehicles

We stand in the enduring fire where the will, resources and energy to reach any horizon can be accessed. The spark is the powerful Triad of Business Success conversation. The fuel is your current and future sequence of the Six Enterprise Phases.


The zen of it is process that identifies, filters and designs a vehicle to drive the action. Results include new business models, project plans, product lines or revenue generators. Through a combination of internal and external guided disciplines ideas are tracked in scenerios, on the workbench and in pro forma speculations. Inquiries are researched, dynamic formula excel pages developed and strategies played out. This action is managed as a decathlon; multiple tasks phased over several stages. The time comes, when the model proves itself, to sprint for market presence. 


Build a Knowledge Generating Vehicle that drives your success strategy.

Mobilize for Action

Mobilizing for action begins where you are, right now. This process sees with fresh eyes, listens with perked ears as hidden markets, early adopters and unrealized opportunities reveal themselves.

Build a CredibleCase

  • A clear vision of what you want to achieve.
  • Commitment and support from your leaders, alliances and stakeholders.
  • A credible business case that proves the strategic and operational benefits of your action. The business case  estimates the likely cost of the action.

Building a credible case begins with an indepth understanding of the business of the business: its Today, Tomorrow and  Yesterday's.

 In-House Analysis

Allow Coach Bruder a day in your shop; preparing a dynamic proforma analysis from company records, observing daily processes, conversing with employees, examining products and procedures.


A sampling of analysis tools:


PEST Exercise

SWOT Exercise

Business Strategy

Enterprise Focus

Strategic Planning

Situational Analysis

Operations Manual


In addition I may apply Business Ratio Analysis to clarify your business centers.

Brain Storming 

 In a three hour session  we look at and analyze the business of your business. Your enterprise gets fired up. Action items appear.


The action items typically take a month to come to fruition. Pragmatic support and coaching through this phase; Three 60 minute sessions


In one month you will know your business in a new way as you apply enterprising actions.


Cost; $525 + 6 of your hours, 15 of mine Enterprise Benefit; Vitally Engaged


Contact Coach Bruder  520-331-1956  http://www.dalebruder.com/pest.exercise.htm. and we'll address your enterprise challenges.

In-service trainings, keynotes, seminars,  presentations

& strategic executive coaching

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