Dynamic Strategy

Being Smart About It

Published by http://www.dalebruder.com/                                                      Vol 2, No 6 June, 2011



The marathon of confronting multiple business challenges all the time is wearing down enterprisers. Like navigating potholes in our streets, we're addressing only the challenges that are coming at us. In planning, the driving questions have changed from 'How long will it take?' to 'How much time do I have?'


Last month I presented the criteria of how to move out of a marathon and into the controlled environment of a decathlon. The overwhelming response was a sense of relief. Several enterprises were smart enough to engage the Mobilize for Action service to facilitate their decathlon. That issue of New Game New Rules is up on http://www.dalebruder.com/


Be At the Table, Not On the Menu

Your enterprise is dynamic; going through phases, constantly challenged by the financial, regulatory, technological, mechanical, cultural, social and political push/pull forces that throws every effort into the global market.


Every business operates on an internal clock. Enterprisers waking up to the alarm to be smart about it are taking steps. What time is it for you?


Ramping up to Wealth Building by Going Global

Look around and you see that going local only goes so far. While other regions have effectively moved out of the doldrums named 'the great recession' Arizona and Tucson continues to limp along in self-denial. There's no future in new construction. Smart real estate agents are abandoning that career. The region has a decade's worth of inventory available and the influx of new populations is a trickle.


Lucky for us there are smart actions happening. Gangplank and the Start Up Weekend movement is one example. 


Here's an article on Going Global posted on numerous Linked in discussion groups. The case is compelling.


    Building Global Business Muscle Using the Business Strategy Games' Strategy Simulation

There are four huge benefits associated with using Dale Bruder's facilitated competition-based Business Strategy Game simulation.    


1. Powerful Learning in a fast paced simulation 

2. Arouses positive energy juiced in competition

3. Reduces time testing strategies against others

4. Establishes a battle hardened team


In Dale Bruder's faciltated BSG your team will be immersed in real world challenges where they quickly gain experience in the hardball of competive global markets.


At the conclusion a Learning Assurance Report quantifies the performance of your team vis-a-vis the 35,000+ teams worldwide that have completed the simulation in the past 12 months.


Call To Action

The game begins August 1 and continues through to October 28. Five or more teams compete for global market share in ten virtual years over 13 weeks. An awards dinner follows.


Contact Dale Bruder at 520-331-1956 between July 5th and 10th to discuss participation. Each company assembles a team of three who to commit a total of five hours per week (60 total) to the on-line simulation. The entry fee is $1000.  


Each team applies strategies generated through their knowledge base and material distributed by the facilitator.


A second call to action to the global members of my linkedin group Chief Strategy Officer to act as mentors and to field teams has been made.   

The Zen of Knowledge Generating Vehicles

We stand in the enduring fire where the will, resources and energy to reach any horizon can be accessed. The spark is the powerful Triad of Business Success conversation. The fuel is your current and future sequence of the Six Enterprise Phases.


The zen of it is process that identifies, filters and designs a vehicle to drive the action. Results include new business models, project plans, product lines or revenue generators. Through a combination of internal and external guided disciplines ideas are tracked in scenerios, on the workbench and in pro forma speculations. Inquiries are researched, dynamic formula excel pages developed and strategies played out. This action is managed as a decathlon; multiple tasks phased over several stages. The time comes, when the model proves itself, to sprint for market presence. 


A Knowledge Generating Vehicle is a business intelligence gathering unit that functions to give you and your enterprise a leveraged advantage.


Everyday new and invigorated enterprises are competing for your hard won marketshare. The question you find yourself asking is Do I give up margins or marketshare? It's a hard case.


An internal Knowledge Generating Vehicle gives you the information you need to confront and challenge those forces. Let me help you. Dale Bruder

Mobilize for Action

Mobilizing for action begins where you are, right now. This process sees with fresh eyes, listens with perked ears as hidden markets, early adopters and unrealized opportunities reveal themselves.

Build a CredibleCase

  • A clear vision of what you want to achieve.
  • Commitment and support from your leaders, alliances and stakeholders.
  • A credible business case that proves the strategic and operational benefits of your action. The business case  estimates the likely cost of the action.

Building a credible case begins with an indepth understanding of the business of the business: its Today, Tomorrow and  Yesterday's.

 In-House Analysis

Allow Coach Bruder a day in your shop; preparing a dynamic proforma analysis from company records, observing daily processes, conversing with employees, examining products and procedures.


A sampling of analysis tools:


PEST Exercise

SWOT Exercise

Business Strategy

Enterprise Focus

Strategic Planning

Situational Analysis

Operations Manual


In addition I may apply Business Ratio Analysis to clarify your business centers.

Brain Storming 

 In a three hour session  we look at and analyze the business of your business. Your enterprise gets fired up. Action items appear.


The action items typically take a month to come to fruition. Pragmatic support and coaching through this phase; Three 60 minute sessions


In one month you will know your business in a new way as you apply enterprising actions.


Cost; $525 + 6 of your hours, 15 of mine Enterprise Benefit; Vitally Engaged


Contact Coach Bruder  520-331-1956  http://www.dalebruder.com/pest.exercise.htm. and we'll address your enterprise challenges.

In-service trainings, keynotes, seminars,  presentations

& strategic executive coaching