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Being Smart About It

Published by http://www.dalebruder.com/                                                      Vol 2, No 7 July, 2011

The Business of Business 

The marathon of confronting multiple business challenges all the time is wearing down enterprisers. Like navigating potholes in our streets, we're addressing only the challenges that are coming at us. In planning, the driving questions have changed from 'How long will it take?' to 'How much time do I have?'


In recent months New Game, New Rules addressed the six enterprise phases, four action managment techniques and the available opportunities to go global. Archives of past issues are available on http://www.dalebruder.com/


Be At the Table, Not On the Menu

Your enterprise is dynamic; going through phases, constantly challenged by the financial, regulatory, technological, mechanical, cultural, social and political push/pull forces that throws every effort into the global market.


Every business operates on an internal clock. Enterprisers waking up to the alarm to be smart about it are taking steps. What time is it for you?


Be a Business Person, Not Just a Business Owner

There are two sorts of business paralysis happening these days.


The first is hanging on to market share at the expense of expansion - circling the wagons. The second is sacrificing margins - hoping to make it through another day. Breaking out of both conditions happens in deepening the business model. 


The current craze of networking groups has reached it's limits in the Tucson valley mostly because we know or know of each other. Like an isolated valley, they have the formalized boundaries and morality of a closed society. What is needed is a salon mindset, a landscape of horizons - where the new west opening continues attracting talent to big sky country. Like the Renaisance, the New West culture of adventure, experiment and creativity keeps delivering. 


Being a business person is an artistic experience. The approach is creative. The experience is transformational. Everyday is an adventure, even when it's a disaster. A business person discovers who they are every moment. The enterprise adjusts to the new reality.


    Everyone is an Enterprise

The economy keeps stumbling along mostly due to the typical person is overleveraged and focused on paying down debt. Like business models, unconsciously, we've come to live pro forma lives. It's not an option to increase our debt limit.


 An Unreasonable Expectation or a Broken Promise?

I've learned in communicating with the 200 plus members of Tucson independnet Small Business Owners that businesses want the organizations they belong to do something for them that moves them forward. Their products and services are not being engaged as they thought would occur.


                       Vitalizing Your Enterprise 

The vitalized Tucson independent Small Business Owners addresses members' needs by transforming the meet-up group into a business of business support organization.


TiSBO is now a dues based, member focused support group. Members receive four huge benefits based on the pro forma of volume pricing making the services deliverable. Members receive personal, professional attention of perception and depth.    


1. Weekly walk-in 15 minute Coaching Sessions at various locations throughout the valley - walk in, get coached. 

2. Monthly personal 30 minute business coaching call - your time, your agenda

3. Quarterly interactive business seminar, business showcase and stand up presentation opportunity   

4. Over twenty more business of business support actions every quarter.


Every quarter is renewable. Like the consumer society we're in, you vote with your dollars. The new, vitalized TiSBO does not force your loyalty or punish you for lack of participation. You are encouraged to access many of the benefits according to your schedule, be present in and generate value by being a business person with a successful business enterpise that has continuity and is competitive.


                                  Call To Action 

Everyday new and invigorated enterprises are competing for your hard won marketshare. The question you find yourself asking is Do I give up margins or marketshare? 


Step into the fire and burn off any reticence, anxiety and despondency by becoming aware of the business of your business. Launch, build, prepare to sell or.... benefits from TiSBO membership. Next is deepen your business of business skills. At Tucson independent Small Business Owners you receive the processes to improve your business. That's what business people want.


Tucson independent Small Business Owners endeavors are supported

Vitalizing Your Enterprise

Tucson independent Small Business Owners, Where your business is always supported.

Members receive

  • Monthly 30 minute business enterprise coaching call.
  • Drop in 15 minute business coaching at various locations throughout the valley every week - show up, get coached,
  • Weekly enterprise bursts highlighting opportunities to generate business
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Quarterly interactive business education seminar
  • Online business directory
  • Meet-up and facebook interactive pages - get known in new ways, lead discussions, create synergies, broadcast offers.

Go to the site, read the Pages section, the About Us.


There are 60,000 small businesses according to the Metropolitan Small Business Commissiion in the Tucson valley -  TiSBO provides you the platforms and support to stand out.


Quarterly Dues $30.00 gives you access to forty business muscle building actions every quarter.


Become a member today and receive an exclusive invitation to the August Seminar and a Business Showcase space.


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