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Published by www.dalebruder.com                                                      Vol 2, No 4 April, 2011

An Upsurge in Private Investment is Changing the Tucson Region's Opportunity Mix

A renewed entrepreneurial spirit is vitalizing the Tucson region. Bookmans Event Center has brought tens of thousands of square feet of activity space into the market. Located south of I-10 and Alvernon the former RV sales and service complex is a player in the commerce and cultural scene. Several thousand square feet has been dedicated to Gangplank, a collaborative workspace. Near downtown is Spoke6, a co-working space. Both these locations open up new possibilites for entrepreneurs.


I've noticed a new wave of people taking meetings at coffee hotspots throughout town. One recent morning the Starbucks at Crossroads was overflowing with two and four person groups animated in their engagements.The room felt like boom times.   


Need an Enterprise Breakthrough?


If you're stuck in your business development, production or sales, schedule a meeting with me. The dynamic strategy formula and action management disciplines you are using may be played out. We'll apply action steps to get things moving again by formulating the Dynamic Strategy for the next phase of enterprising using Action Management disciplines. Call 331-1956


Become familiar with the four types of Action Management. Ask yourself, what action are you in and what action do you want to be in?    


 The Zen of Knowledge

Generating Vehicles

We stand in the enduring fire where the will, resources and energy to reach any horizon can be accessed. The spark is the powerful Triad of Business Success conversation. The fuel is your current and future sequence of the Six Enterprise Phases.


The zen of it is process that identifies, filters and designs a vehicle to drive the action. Results include new business models, project plans, product lines or revenue generators. Through a combination of internal and external guided disciplines ideas are tracked in scenerios, on the workbench and in pro forma speculations. Inquiries are researched, dynamic formula excel pages developed and strategies played out. This action is managed as a decathon; multiple tasks phased over several stages. The time comes, when the model proves itself, to sprint for market presence. 


Build a Knowledge Generating Vehicle that drives your success strategy.  


Your enterprise is dynamic; going through phases, constantly challenged by the financial, regulatory, technological, mechanical, cultural, social and political push/pull forces that throws every effort into the global market.


Engage Dale Bruder's attention to guide you in leveraging your strengths in the challenging dynamic of our times.



It's 15 days into the second quarter, is your strategic plan working for you?

Here is a selection of analysis tools to filter your plan through:


PEST Exercise

SWOT Exercise

Business Strategy

Enterprise Focus

Strategic Planning

Situational Analysis

Operations Manual


For those interested in using a Dynamic Pro Forma on their enterprise, contract the Three Hour Session. 


Engage Coach Bruder and receive real time, hands on push-pull action.


Start with a three hour session where we look at and analyze the business of your business. Your enterprise gets fired up. Action items appear. 



The action items typically take a month to come to fruition. Pragmatic support and coaching through this phase; Three 30 minute sessions $75.00


In one month you will know your business in a new way while applying enterprising actions.


Cost; $200 + 4.5 hours Benefit; Vitally Engaged     


Contact me at 520-331-1956 or coach@dalebruder.com. and address your enterprise challenges.

In-service trainings, keynotes, seminars & presentations

Dale Bruder • PO Box 31897 • Tucson, AZ 85751
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