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Published by                                                    Vol 2, No 3, March, 2011

What is Action Management and How Can You Apply the Principles?

Action Management is the business momentum application of the Triad of Business Success = Business Intelligence + Dynamic Strategy + Action Management used in my coaching practice.  


The business of business is momentum. Business is a race. Business is action. Managing action challenges managers and owners to recalibrate thinking processes to account for the fact that every company is going through multiple phases all the time. Each business enterprise and every manager encounters new competitive pressures, new global realities, and new customer demands constantly.


In the current position of your enterprise on the business sine wave (the term business cycle is a false descriptor) where the general perception is sluggish revenues business managers must adopt action management techniques to sustain their competitive advantage.


Those who coast through this time will find their market positions severely eroded when the business wave rises again. Vitalized competitors and aggressive new enterprises with action plans are, today, taking over markets others established. To doze, to wait for the next upturn is to give away hard won market share.on the horizon. 


Two distinct courses of action are required of companies.. more at  




Engaging Dale Bruder, Dynamic Strategy Coach for Your Enterprise 

We stand in the enduring firing where you can access the will, resources and energy to reach any horizon. The spark is the powerful Triad of Business Success conversation. The fuel is your unique sequence of the Six Enterprise Phases.


Coach Bruder guides you towards mastering useful disciplines to engage your instincts, intuition and thought in the successful application of your enterprising actions.


Your Business is dynamic; going through phases, constantly challenged by the financial, regulatory, technological, mechanical, cultural, social and political push/pull forces that throws every enterprise into the global market.


Coach Bruder's attention will guide you in leveraging your strengths in the challenging dynamic of our times.



Two ways to begin engaging Coach Bruder

$75 Three 30 minute Working and Coaching Sessions     

$125 Three Hour One Page Strategic Action Plan


                   Gain Business Momentum

Engage Coach Bruder for Your Enterprise Success  


 Your Power

Time is framed in phases, processes and episodes. Look at any series of events in your life, profession or business enterprise to see this.


Things happen by intention or happenstance. Some you can trace to an orgin; a begetting. Others you may become aware of as it's happening; becoming. There are times when you don't know something happened until a result has occurred; begoning.


When you become aware whether at begetting, becoming or begoning you can have some power.


The power appears where you become intentional and do something with what's happening.


We don't often think of time that way. So often we are in the flow being pushed and pulled by financial, social, cultural, political, mechanical and technological forces.


Work with Coach Bruder's planning and expediting discipline moving things along, revealing space for new ideas and renewed energy.


Collaborate with Coach Bruder and receive real time, hands on push-pull action.


Contact me at 520-331-1956 or to discuss your enterprise challenges.

In-service trainings, keynotes, seminars & presentations

Dale Bruder • PO Box 31897 • Tucson, AZ 85751
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