Grinding Up Circumstances

Planning & Expediting Coaching Services

    September, 2010

Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way

Creating business momentum when you need it


As your coach I engage your enterpreneurial spirit to take innovative and bold actions.


I partner with you in creating enterprise momentum that grinds up the circumstanes of regulatory, financial and sociatal push/pull forces.  


Since my earliest days in business I've been coaching business executives. In the 1980's the builders and developers I prepared plans for would take me into their confidence. My innovative approaches to business challenges provided enterprises new revenue directions in the 1990's. The first decade of the 21st century I formulated and applied innovative methodologies to retail, professional service and construction enterprises.


I am available to engage your business enterprises. The 30 years of business experience, cutting edge personal projects and extensive past client list attest to my value.

The Six Enterprises Phases

You can sustain business momentum by combining 6 enterprise phases in a variety of sequences. If you know the business phase and can profile the situation it's possible to anticipate several scenerio's and chose one to pursue.  With this application an enterprise; yours and others, can be examined for competitiveness. more 

Becoming Internationally Competitive

Test your global strategies and upskill your team in realistic competitive simulations

In tree months your enterprise team will ramp up to bring your enterprise products and services into global markets. Your team will sharpen global strategizing skills in the experiential Business Strategy Game then turn that attention to your enterprise. smart enterprises will test strategies here and apply the lessons to current operations.


The Business Strategy Game is a head-to-head competition: company against company. Each company team...

Time to Have a Coaching Conversation

Business success, as in other high performance endeavors, is not achieved alone. The best of the best use coaching to meet and surpass their goals.


Every business owner, manager and entrepenuer needs to hold consul with someone who does not have an agenda and can help avoid the pitfalls that affects business enterprises.


Use me for One-on-One and Group confidential Business Coaching, one hour a week four weeks a month and your busin ess will attract new successes. Additional support through email, phone, fax and drop in visits. Meet with Dale Bruder, Planning & Expediting Coach.

Where's the Power?

Time is framed in phases, processes and episodes. Look at any series of events in your life, profession or business enterprise to see this.


Things happen by intention or happenstance. some you can trace to an orgin; a begetting. Others you may become aware of as it's happening; becoming. there are times when you don't know something happened until a result has occurred; begoning.


When you become aware whether at begetting, becoming or begoning you can have some power over it.


That's important, being able to exert control. The opportunity appears where you can be intentional and start to do something with what's happening.


we don't often think of time that way. So often we are in the flow being pushed and pulled by financial, social, cultural and mechanical technological forces.


A planning and expediting discipline can be applied to the flow, moving things along, revealing space for the authentic you to appear.


Then time becomes the present where you are being both active and at rest; taking on a zen like timelessness.


In my coaching I make this available to you through the Tao of Discipline. Contact me at 520-331-1956 or to talk more about this.

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