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Published by                                                      Vol 2, No 1.4 Weekly, 2011

A Useful Formula for Productivity and Client Service to Improve the Bottom Line

P + CS = IBL is Productivity + Client Service = Improved Bottom Line. As we continue in the early dawn hours of the next business upturn it is wise to engage our attention on where we are putting our intention. A new awareness of time becomes necessary. 


"Time is money" still holds true in this age of higher efficiencies. In business there are two types of time. Productive time (profitability generating time) and preparation time (unprofitabe activities). Productive time includes interactions with A+ clients, cultivating A+ referrals, working on client goals/objectives, managing assets and developing centers of influence. Preparation time includes managing  files, assembling reports, tracking appointments, and preparing and sending communications..


The discipline needed to seperate productive from preparation time takes external eyes and ears. That's because people often collapse the two together and define it as being busy. This is an aspect of Parkinsons Law; 80% of productivity occurs in 20% of the available time.


A planning and expediting methodology is a useful discipline to address this matter. As your coach I will work with you to master a naturalistic discipline where time is a project resource rather that a damacles sword. Your projects can become both productive and profitable, building momentum as the rays of a new dawn appears on the horizon. 


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Engaging Dale Bruder, Dynamic Strategy Business Coach for Your Enterprise 

We stand in the enduring firing where you can access the will, resources and energy to reach any horizon. The spark is the powerful Triad of Business Success conversation. The fuel is your unique sequence of the Six Enterprise Phases.


Coach Bruder guides you towards mastering useful disciplines to engage your instincts, intuition and thought in the successful application of your enterprising actions.


Your Business is dynamic; going through phases, constantly challenged by the financial, regulatory, technological, mechanical, cultural, social and political push/pull forces that throws every enterprise into the global market.


Coach Bruder's attention will guide you in leveraging your strengths in the challenging dynamic of our times.



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 Your Power

Time is framed in phases, processes and episodes. Look at any series of events in your life, profession or business enterprise to see this.


Things happen by intention or happenstance. Some you can trace to an orgin; a begetting. Others you may become aware of as it's happening; becoming. There are times when you don't know something happened until a result has occurred; begoning.


When you become aware whether at begetting, becoming or begoning you can have some power.


The power appears where you become intentional and do something with what's happening.


We don't often think of time that way. So often we are in the flow being pushed and pulled by financial, social, cultural, political, mechanical and technological forces.


Work with Coach Bruder's planning and expediting discipline moving things along, revealing space for new ideas and renewed energy.


Collaborate with Coach Bruder and receive real time, hands on push-pull action.


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