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Published by                                                     Vol 2, No 1.2 February, 2011

 Eye on the Sky, Ear to the Ground Business Coaching- 3 Indepth Hours $125.00 

Every Entrepreneur and Enterpriser can use some time on the mountain looking down at the valley of their business of business. 


Now you can have the opportunity. Coach Dale Bruder guides you on a journey of intelligence gathering, analysis and strategic thinking about your business. Three assessments are used to uncover and pinpoint what you know as the landscape and what you may have an inkling of on the horizon. 


By the end of the three hours, sometimes split into two meetings, you will have experience and knowledge about actions to take and pitfalls to avoid.


Your WIIFM is a living document and a new clarity.


Email to schedule your session: 


Business success, as in other high performance endeavors, is not achieved alone. The best of the best use coaching to meet and surpass their goals. Identify new business strategies through a thorough discussion about the business of your business.


Invitiation to attend Coach Bruder's Triad of Business Success; 6 Enterprise Phases Presentation January 19th 

Join other entrepreneurs, start-uppers and business owners on Thursday, Janauary 19th at The Glass Onion Cafe, 1990 West River Road for the New Enterprise Group Event. Cost is $5 at the door plus an opportunity to try Jen McDonald's cuisine. Event begins at 6pm, presentation at 6:30pm, Networking from 7:30 until closing. Go to the Linkedin Arizona Venture Capital and Angel Investor group for more information.


Call Tim Sevillis 520-870-11635 to RSVP

Thought Leaders Brainstorm on Tucson's Economic Challenges

Been paying attention to the Linkedin Linked Local Tucson AZ discussion 'Arizona Can't Attract Companies and Jobs With This Effort' started by Michael Coretz, Commercial Real Estate?


I'm an active poster as are a Class A group of thought leaders. On January 21st there's a round table occurring. read the discussion from start to finish. There are currently over 170 comments and they build on each other. It's the best discussion I've ever been on. My points resonate with everyone!!!  Check it out.


 Your Power

Time is framed in phases, processes and episodes. Look at any series of events in your life, profession or business enterprise to see this.


Things happen by intention or happenstance. Some you can trace to an orgin; a begetting. Others you may become aware of as it's happening; becoming. There are times when you don't know something happened until a result has occurred; begoning.


When you become aware whether at begetting, becoming or begoning you can have some power.


The power appears where you become intentional and do something with what's happening.


We don't often think of time that way. So often we are in the flow being pushed and pulled by financial, social, cultural, political, mechanical and technological forces.


Work with Coach Bruder's planning and expediting discipline moving things along, revealing space for new ideas and renewed energy.


Collaborate with Coach Bruder and receive real time, hands on push-pull action.


Contact me at 520-331-1956 or to discuss your enterprise challenges.

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